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DUNSKIN: cream, dun, and bay on black

Ongoing research:  the amazing dun gene.

One can see the dun factor plainly on the first colt, Dusty, and his sire was a cremello, so that makes little Dusty a dunskin.

That's black + bay + cream + dun genes.

--- The bay takes the black off the horse's body,

--- the cream lightens the resulting red to tan,

--- and the dun gene PUTS THE BLACK BACK ON IT! Undiluted.

It overrides the bay AND the one cream gene, in regard to black.

wpeA.jpg (13452 bytes) OSO DUSTY (name pending), a 2000 APHA gelding bred and sold by by Gary and Bonnie Brewer, Alchemy Acres, Wilton, California.  Click on thumbnail to see full size picture showing dilution of red bay color, shoulder barring, leg barring and dorsal stripe.  Also dun characteristics of neck marks, outlined ears and eyes are present, but not the dark lower face mask.  Not every horse with the dun gene shows every characteristic, but all must show at least a dorsal stripe and leg barring to be considered a dun. Note that the black mane, tail and lower legs of the bay base color is left intact.


OSO DUN IT (name pending), a 2000 APHA gelding bred by Gary and Bonnie Brewer, Alchemy Acres, Wilton, California.  The dorsal stripe is barely visible, but definite, and the lower legs are a bit light due to this foal's young age, but they will darken in a few months to black. OSO DUN IT is for sale and will be a regular registry paint.

We are currently researching 2 apparent perlino duns, which are off-white with  "yellow" manes, tails and dun markings.  If it turns out they really are perlino duns, they show that the dun gene cannot stand up to TWO cream genes any more than the black mane & tail can. They in effect become, like the mane & tail, double diluted black.

In fact, that makes our suspected cremello dun having invisible dun markings (as it would seem) just perfectly logical. More to come as this research unfolds.





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