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Smoky Black Examples
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smokyb6.jpg (16306 bytes)wpe1.jpg (9004 bytes)smokyb7.jpg (8112 bytes)Sunny K Sootzz.  Confirmed Smoky Black stallion.  Sootzz is by a black stallion out of a palomino mare. His FIRST foal was Palomino out of a chestnut/sorrel mare, confirming that he carries the cream gene.  Owned by Mary Beth Kuznik.
wpeE.jpg (14469 bytes)star.gif (95944 bytes)"Star" aka "Approve Black Gold" with teal eyes!
Owner: Michaela Atkins Sire: Streaks Pale Rider, a perlino; so the foal has at least one cream gene; definitely a smoky black.
smokyb11.jpg (65266 bytes)bay.ht10.jpg (44844 bytes)Morgan Midnight, owned by Karen Green.  A Morgan mare of unknown parentage who produced a cremello when bred to a Palomino, showing she must have a cream gene.

wpe49.jpg (33245 bytes)wpe3A.jpg (30823 bytes)Ditto, a 3 yr old black filly,  by a Bay stud, Ole Sir Brian, (chestnut/sorrel sire, dun dam) and out of a dunalino mare, Elite Bonanza, (grullo sire, bay dam). Owned by Pamela House
Sharon Batteate writes about Ditto's color.

wpe36.jpg (16803 bytes)wpe3E.jpg (6307 bytes)Beauty is owned by "Tazzy", who was told she's a smoky black filly.  Beauty is out of a bay mare and by the buckskin paint sire Keno. =>
So, she must have gotten her cream gene from her sire.
sweetystarlena1.jpg (38775 bytes)Itty Bitty Lena (AQHA foal)  owned by Chris Bukowski. By Lucky Little Lena, a very smutty buckskin by Smart Little Lena, out of Stadium Sweetheart, a chestnut/sorrel by Lenas Touchdown.  Born 4/7/2000.
Smoky black & cream.jpg (31260 bytes)Iza Classy Kitten,   AQHA Confirmed smoky black: this mare must have a cream gene because it takes one from each parent to produce a double- cream foal like this.  Tina Balderston owns the filly, "My Magnolia Mae" APHA reg #523,319. Her sire is "The Dalles Cowboy", a palomino Paint stallion.
hershey11mo.jpg (54199 bytes)Hershey is a smoky black sporthorse.  Her sire is a palomino Dutch Warmblood, and her dam is a brown Quarter Horse. 
wpe3.jpg (25567 bytes)Tudors Black Night, AQHA 2001530 born April 24, 1983, owned by Margaret Prather, Debeque, CO
wpe8.jpg (10155 bytes)Folly Question, a black Quarter Horse mare owned by Ronald & Patti Hicks of Lodi, TX. She fades to a chocolate brown and she has light brown eyes. Pictured with Goin Blonde, her palomino breeding stock colt, by BH Gay Snaky Bud, their bay tobiano stallion. Blonde has light brown eyes and he shed off to have dark chocolate dapples and dark chocolate on his legs, with white mane and tail.
"Smoky" (registered name Concealed Gold) is a smoky black Appendix Quarter Horse.  His sire is the cremello TB Guaranteed Gold, and his dam is a brown QH mare.


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